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Justin Luby

Registered United States Patent Attorney


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Do you have a novel invention or idea that you would like to patent?  By patenting your invention you will ensure that you can control how, when, and by whom your invention is used, as well as ensure that you will be compensated for unauthorized usage of your invention.

Large corporations routinely employ entire intellectual property legal departments because they realize that the most effective way to maximize profitability on an invention is to obtain patent protection.

Patent protection is available to all US citizens, not just large corporations. Therefore, if you have conceived of a new or novel invention that you want to profit on, makesure that you maximize the profitability of that invention by patenting your invention today!

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What You Need to Know

There is no better time than the present to patent your invention.  Recent changes in the law could render your invention                      un-patentable if you wait until after you have perfected and successfully marketed your product before you apply for patent protection.  Additionally, not submitting a patent application promptly leaves yourself vulnerable to the possibility that another inventor could submit a patent application for the same or very similar invention, rendering your invention un-patentable as well.

Submitting a patent application as soon as you have conceived of your invention is the best way to ensure that your invention receives the full infringement protection that comes with a United States Patent.

What Does a Patent do for You?

A patent does not provide a patent owner with the right to use or market their invention, instead, it provides the right to the patent owner to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or exporting the patented invention for the patent term.

Patents are Intellectual Properties that can be bought, sold, or licensed, therefore, if you have a useful patentable invention it is in your best interest to patent the invention, even if you have no interest in manufacturing or selling the product yourself.  Once you have patented your invention, you can sell or license the intellectual property that you own for a profit.

About Me - Justin Luby
I am a registered patent attorney licensed to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).  I specialize in providing affordable, flat fee, patent solutions to my clients.   

I hold an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and prior to entering into the field of Patent Law, I spent over 10 years as a practicing engineer in the aerospace, defense, and pharmaceutical industries, designing equipment myself as well as managing teams of mechanical and electrical design engineers.  My unique perspective as a Patent Attorney with practical experience as a Design Engineer will help ensure that your invention is properly detailed in your patent application securing that your Patent provides you with the maximum protection and is prosecuted in the minimal amount of time. 


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